“AEON MANAGEMENT INC” as the name describes, “An indefinite very long period of time”, we at AEON MANAGEMENT ensure that your infinite period of taking a break from the stressful life was worth waiting for the blissful experience. We manage your vacation plans. “AEON MANAGEMENT INC” is an flexible vacation ownership company, which makes one own their dream destination resort through value for money memberships.

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Lifetime membership

Lifetime membership allows you to "own" a week every year at any of our resorts, or any other affiliated resort in India & abroad for the next ____ years to enjoy great holidays with your family in world class resorts.

Membership Aeon management

Membership with Aeon management Inc offers a range of features. Each of them offers an underlying benefit that makes membership a tailor-made solution for your holiday needs.

Fun & games, Indoor & outdoor Activities

Fun and games, indoor and outdoor activities, designed specifically to cater to all ages and specific recreational facilities ensure that every holiday you take will be special.

Professional & highly Personalized

The service in all the resorts is professional and highly personalized. You can choose from the different rooms/apartments available, a variety of restaurants and holiday activities for all seasons and all ages.

Need Aeon Help?

We would be more than happy to help you. Our team help to holidays tours and travels services. PH: 044 49595979, 49594979